Monday, September 1, 2014

My First Post: Why I Decided to Blog

My First Post: Why I Decided to Blog

 It is quite trendy to blog these days, especially when it comes to exercising, diets, or my favorite topic, RUNNING. There are so many different people from all over the world documenting their experiences and somehow we feel connected to them through writing and pictures on the Internet. Reading others' blogs can be inspirational and motivational. You find new workouts, relate to daily struggles, try new recipes, and even make new friends that you may physically meet up with one day. It's a pretty cool concept and I decided to give it a whirl.

But what are my reasons for deciding to start a blog? One of my reasons is the one that many people expect to hear. I want to document my journey of races, training, and reaching my life goal of running a marathon in all 50 states. I frequently start a journal of my running, but then I lose the notebook or forget to write in it. I can't add pictures to a notebook as easily either. So maintaining a journal online suits me. If I misplace a photo I can locate it on my site. And it won't take me long to type out an entry when feel like writing or a topic is on my mind that I want to share.

The second reason I decided to start a blog is more personal. I know on my blog I can write whatever I want. I can portray that everything in my life is easy with happy photos and positive posts. And trust me, there will be a lot of those! But I decided a long time ago that if I was to put the happy moments online, I also wanted to put the difficult ones as well. I've been talking about a blog for more than a year now, but I decided this is the time to launch it. So my real reason for this blog is to share my positive experiences and struggles with depression, nutrition, and exercise. I have struggled with depression for years now. With it comes fluctuating weight and fluctuating motivation to do my favorite activity, running. I don't look like your typical runner, or what society views runners to look like. I struggle with eating, training consistently, and have days where I can barely get out of bed, let alone run.

This blog is the beginning. The beginning of a change I have tried to make over and over again. I hope this blog helps to hold me accountable and inspire others who may go through similar situations.

My goal: to be a well-rounded, healthy person. Yes I love to run, it's my favorite activity, but I also want to use strength training, swimming, yoga, and other activities to fuel my health and to become a stronger runner. I want to develop a bag of tricks for days when I struggle to get out of bed or don't have the motivation to stick to the plan. I want a healthy body and mind, and a balanced lifestyle.

I hope for this blog to be fun, probably random, but importantly honest. I don't expect many to read my posts, but I hope that one day I will look back at the beginning of this journey and see how far I've come. So here's to new beginnings and welcome to JennRunsUSA!