Monday, November 28, 2016

Stocking Stuffers for Runners

Christmas is HEERRRRRREEE! I love this magical time of year. To celebrate Cyber Monday (which I prefer over in-store shopping ANY day) I've put together my top 5 favorite stocking stuffers with some discount codes as well! Stockings are my favorite because you can get really creative with them. So here are my favorite items I've used over the past year for your favorite runner:

1. Nuun Hydration: A variety of flavors that are all delicious. These little tubes are the perfect stocking size and while you can buy them at stores (like Whole Foods), Nuun's website has them for 20% off on Cyber Monday using code OPTOUTSIDE2016 plus free shipping!

2: Sparkly Soul Headbands: These headbands are the best investment I ever made! I have a very thick head of hair and these headbands keep my locks in check and out of my face. They stay put for the duration of marathons so that says a lot. If you've never tried them, check out their website and use coupon code CYBERMONDAY for 20% off any single item!  

3. Clif Bars: These bars are one of the only snacks that fill me up and don't mess up my stomach before or during runs. Tons of flavors for all tastebuds. My favorite is the chocolate peanut butter...But I ate it before I took this picture :) 

4. Mile Markings: I love this family owned business. They create affordable and customizable tattoos for motivation during runs and races. Perfect gift for a runner you know! Use my code MILE5 for 25% of your order.

5. Procompression Socks: The best socks for running and recovery. They are colorful and festive, as well as comfy. Code CM44 gets you 44% off your purchase and free shipping! 


Friday, November 11, 2016

EQT 10 Miler Race Recap

My FAVORITE Fall race- hands down! If you live in Pittsburgh or want a Fall race but not a half or marathon, run the Pittsburgh EQT 10 Miler. This was my 3rd year in a row (sadly I missed the inaugural year) and each time the swag gets better. 

Packet pick-up was smooth sailing. They started it a few days before race day so I picked up mine on Thursday after work. The race shirt was super nice- long sleeves and lightweight. I usually donate the little drawstring bags but this one I kept because it was better quality and had POCKETS! 

They even threw in a sample of Rachel Ray's brand dog food which we've been giving to our pups as treats. As you can see, they hate it ;)


This particular year the race happened to be on daylight savings, woohoo! Pair that with an 8am race start and I was in heaven. I woke up before my alarm and felt plenty rested. Of course I've been fighting a cold but you can't feel great at all of your races. I decided to wear my race shirt because I have been really chilly the last few years and needed something lightweight for when the sun appeared.

Brad was kind enough to wake up early and drop me off at the starting line (he's the best!). Have I mentioned I love living 3 minutes from downtown on race days?! Somehow, even living so close I made it to the starting line with only 30 secs to spare (don't ask, but I am a procrastinator!). Within those 30 seconds I squeezed in a pre-race photo opp, haha!

Now onto the race. I love the 10 miler course. It's not super easy, but friendly for less experienced runners and the hills that are along the course aren't long at all. The last few miles through the Strip District and back into town are basically flat too. 


The fluid stations were about every 2.5 miles and the volunteers were enthusiastic and kind. My favorite part of the course? Running over the bridges. That's a trademark for Pittsburgh! 


The finish is always full of spectators on Liberty Avenue and I was pumped to see Brad with our dogs at the finish line. I don't focus too much on race times but I ran a 2:03 for this race. 


And how about my favorite, the bling!! 


I am already looking forward to next year's race, so if you get a chance register for this one! It's the perfect Fall race to use as a training run or as a distance race that doesn't require the training for a full or half.