Hi there! My name is Jenn and I LOVE TO RUN! My first marathon was the New Orleans Mardi Gras Marathon in 2005 and I instantly became hooked after crossing the finish line! Since that first race I have completed 19 marathons in 15 states plus D.C. I have also finished numerous half marathons, Ragnar Relays, triathlons, and other races of various distances. While I love them all, the marathon has my heart because of the physical and mental strength needed to complete 26.2 miles. I made a goal for myself to run as many races as I could get my feet to and also to finish a marathon in every state.

Clearwater Turkey Trot 2013

 In addition to running, I enjoy yoga, swimming, cycling and strength training. I love to be outdoors and explore new places and feel there isn't a better way to do so than in a pair of running shoes! I recently moved back to my hometown of Pittsburgh and enjoy running through such a great city every week.

 I enjoy writing this blog to share my experiences with others because I am far from competitive and far from speedy. I am a regular person and regular runner who truly loves the sport and all it has to offer. I have good days and bad days with running, weeks where my motivation falls apart, and runs where I feel like I could go forever. I usually do not have time goals during my races because I am too busy photographing my runs so that I can remember them forever. Maybe one day though! I hope you enjoy reading about my running and life adventures that I choose to share. 

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