My Personal Life

When I'm not running, I work as a Speech Therapist for multiple companies in Pittsburgh. I do not work full time, but PRN which means I work when companies need me and I am able to make my own schedule (so I can travel to races whenever I want!). 

I live with my wonderful boyfriend, Brad. We have known eachother since 5th grade and reconnected through facebook awhile back. He is a retired Army Sergeant and has taken an interest in running races with me! He really enjoys lifting weights and completed his first half marathon in the spring of 2015. 

We also have 2 dogs. Gracie is a Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie) and the first dog I ever had on my own. She loves to be outside, especially in the snow. She is getting older and can't always run long distances but she did finish a mile dog run with us in October 2015.

Our other dog is Jason, a Pitbull. He is the most energetic of the two and requires a lot of exercise. Although I love to run with him, he is way too fast for me so he is better off sprinting at a dog park or swimming in the lake. He loves the water more than a fish and is known for his "stomach of steel" because he chews EVERYTHING!

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