Monday, April 11, 2016

Achilles Pittsburgh Race Recap

Awhile back I heard about the Achilles Pittsburgh Hope & Possibility Race and ended up using my blog and instagram as a way to promote the race. I was pretty excited to have a few friends sign up to run (even one from as far as Philly!). 

All week I was stalking the weather hoping the snowflake would disappear from my iphone, but it never did and we woke up on race morning to 32 degrees and snow. Brad and I arrived about an hour before the race but couldn't bring ourselves to get out of the warm car. 

About 30 minutes before the race we ventured outside towards the starting line where they had heaters outside under tents to keep runners warm and dry while waiting to run. I thought that was a great idea.

The race had lots of booths set up for an auction and information. 

Brad, my friend Maddy, and I headed over to the starting line of our first race, the 5k. Maddy and I were running the challenge so after the 5k we had a 10k about 15 minutes later.

Brad and I ran together for the 5k and my only goal was to avoid stepping in puddles. Within the first mile I stepped in a big old puddle and my shoe remained wet and cold for the rest of the morning. Offff course :) 

The course was an out and back course starting from the North Park boathouse. I liked it because there weren't any crazy hills and they offered water near the turn around. One thing that was confusing were the mile markers. I had my Garmin so I knew exactly where we were, but the mile markers weren't labeled with the actual number of the mile we were on and there were other markers for the 10k mixed in. For someone who is new to racing this could be confusing.

After the 5k I chatted with my friend Kristen while waiting for the 10k to start. Then I said good-bye to Brad while he stayed warm in the car (I was definitely jealous!).

The 10k start was on an uphill and looped back to the boathouse before running the 5 mile loop around the lake. The weather seemed to only get worse with the wind blowing the snow so hard into our faces that it was hard to see. 

I struggled with the 10k but I'm pretty sure I wasn't the only one. Between my wet shoe and the wind I just had a hard time really pushing the pace. 

I did it though and it was great seeing everyone at the finish! 

Maddy and I got medals for completing the challenge.

I had to take a picture of the frozen, snow covered bagels! Who would have thought the weather would be like this for an April race?! 

Overall I thought the race was great. Nobody can control the weather and I thought they did everything they could to keep things going in a timely manner and keep the runners warm. I would love to run it again and it's for a good cause! 

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