Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Inaugural Star Wars Darkside Weekend

Hey Disney! I kinda looove your races! There is so much to tell from this past week so I'm going to use mostly photos to tell the story. 

Brad REQUESTED to run the half marathon in Disney but when we went to register the challenge was sold out and we could only get into the 5k and half. It worked out well because we ended up staying with my parents who live an hour from Disney and spent time with them between running races.

Day 1 Wednesday: We drove all night and dropped the dogs off at a kennel Wednesday morning. That day was used to hang around my parent's house in The Villages and nap. We had fajitas off the grill with all the delicious toppings for dinner.

Day 2 Thursday: This day was all about packet pickup at ESPN Wide World of Sports. They are so organized and excellent at accomodating thousands of people. After the expo we went back to The Villages to have lunch on the water with my parents and take a little boat ride around Lake Sumter. Then it was to bed early because... Disney race starts :)

Day 3 Friday: The 5K was great! It was my first time running that distance with Disney so it was a lot more crowded than I'm used to. We stood in a 30+ minute line to meet R2D2 (complete with all the noises) and decided not to wait for anymore after that due to running out of time. After the run we got our medals and decided to wait in a 45 minute line to meet Darth Vader. WORTH IT! After the race my parents took us on an awesome airboat ride and I got to hold an alligator!

Day 4 Saturday: We spent the day park hopping from Animal Kingdom to Magic Kingdom. The highlight of my day was getting the biggest hug from my favorite Tigger! 

Day 5 Sunday: Our last full day in Florida was the half marathon. We arrived around 3:30am and were able to meet up with my friend I met on instagram Erica. We met once before but actually remembered to get a picture this time. She's awesome and I love running races in Florida because I get to see her! 

We met lots of Star Wars characters along the course. They had so many out there so the lines were never too long. Brad had a really good time out on the course too. One thing about Disney races is they go really fast, even though we are out on the course so long to take pictures. 

I really loved this race weekend for my 17th half marathon. I'm also soooo proud of Brad for completing his 2nd half marathon!!! Woohoo!! Words cannot even express how proud I am :) Thank you Disney for constantly putting on spectacular race events!

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